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Midwest Innocence Project

Bolder, Louder, Unafraid

Annual Report - 2019

Virtual Fundraising Event - 2020

Will you speak up for the Innocent? United for justice, United for All.

Innocence work requires grit and passion—the willingness to stand up and fight against the unfairness in the justice system to free innocent men and women who have little place to turn. The work of the Midwest Innocence Project continues to grow bolder with each successful exoneration and each law/policy changed. For 2019-2020 I wanted to express their bold, unafraid, “fight the power” attitude to express their passion for their work. Through designs that recall protest and punk rock posters, we are inviting others to join the cause and make their voice be heard. 

Design was executed across an annual report poster and Faces of Innocence event design, including micro-site, virtual event branding, freebie promotions, social media assets, and sponsorship packets. 

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