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Brown Suga*

Brand Strategy

Identity Design

Key Message Copywriting

Finding Sweetness. Inspiring Connection.

When is a cookie not just a sweet treat? When it sparks a connection — between people, to your memories, to yourself. Brown Suga* was founded during the COVID-19 pandemic during a time when its founder was feeling disconnected from all she held dear, so she turned to a favorite past time — baking sweet desserts — that allowed her to connect to her family, friends, and reminiscence about gatherings and joyous occasions.

I developed a brand strategy around the unique ability for flavor and scent to strike memories and the stories we each have through our experiences around food. Good or bad, each offer the opportunity to find the sweetness in life through connection. The Brown Suga* brand has a vision to evoke sweetness and joy in life through everyday celebration, reminiscence, togetherness, comfort and caring. The brand visuals support this through colorful, unique graphics that are upbeat and exuberant. The asterisk in the logo is that spark of something extra special awaiting you.   

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