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Midwest Innocence Project

Annual Report - 2022

Manifest a new reality. 

How do you create a vision for a new justice system? What is the impact a small, but mighty, organization in the Midwest have on the entire country? Midwest Innocence Project’s impact has grown exponentially in the past decade — from influencing policy changes, sharing best practices with other innocence organizations nationwide, to continuing to free innocent people from wrongful incarceration — MIP’s vision of a justice system is becoming reality. To communicate this positive momentum, we needed to share the values that drive MIP and the stories that inspire them in an engaging manner. By creating an oracle deck, we invite donors to select a card whose theme inspires them to consider possibility for change and a new future. Each card is themed with one of MIP’s values, providing artwork and interpretation on the front, with an article sharing important updates, client stories, history, and education about MIP’s mission. 

This 16-card deck inspired an increase in 2022 donations and enthusiastic response from the donor base, with feedback that the ‘engaging story-telling prompts them to commit to future donations and contacting policy-makers about making change reality’. 

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